About Roe and Joe

Each piece of clothing Roe & Joe is produced in small Polish sewing rooms, by Polish women. We strive to make our products the best quality. Our cotton fabric is produced in Poland, linen fabrics in Poland and Europe. The shoes we have on offer are produced in a small, family-owned Spanish company. We want our customers to know that for every thing we produce, there is a high quality fabric and a well-paid seamstress.
Roe & Joe is more than just another clothing brand, we want to give a product that can be proudly carried with a sense of valuable idea. We are against mass production in third world countries, we would like the selection of clothing for our children and ourselves to be an informed choice. An election that will not contribute to the suffering of Korean and Indian sewing workers.
We choose fabrics from organic plantations. Thanks to this, we protect the environment and wrap your body with the best threads for health. Our checkered collection "Close to nature" is made of 30% of the recycling thread - as a result, 30% of each item is used again, we would like the clothes to serve us as long as possible, not only for the third or fifth wash.
We want to show that you can change the approach to fashion, make decisions that bring long-term benefits to the condition of the planet and future generations.